Orthotics are shoe inserts that help change the way your foot loads. They slow down how quickly your foot moves through its planes of axis, which should help to ease foot pain, heel pain, shin splints, calf pain, achilles pain, knee pain, back pain and more.

We use several labs across the UK to make sure we get the most up-to-date & best quality orthotics for what you need. We also keep a stock of ‘off the shelf’ insoles for those that don’t require a customised pair.

Using foam box impressions, plaster of paris casting or 3D scanning, we will make sure you get an orthotic made perfectly to your foot that is designed with your shoe and hobby in mind.

To find out more, phone Gareth on 028 8775 0453 or pop in to the clinic.

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If you have any enquiries please contact us:

Happy Feet Foot Clinic
22 Northland Row
Co. Tyrone
BT71 6AP

028 8775 0453

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All of the major private medical insurance companies recognise Happy Feet Foot Clinic.
Please call us for further information and guidance prior to calling your insurance company.