Sikoped Deodorising Insole


Universal cut to size.

Wear the SIKOPED soles in your shoes, the green side against the sock, for several days depending on the degree of perspiration. As soon as the foot is comfortably dry, remove the soles, put them back in their package and store them in a cool place to prevent the product from evaporating.

Perspiration isn´t eliminated, but reduced to a normal level for a period of 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual case. As soon as the perspiration becomes excessive again, wear the soles for another few days.

Attention :

Do not wear the SIKOPED soles for longer than necessary. That could cause a hardening of the skin of the feet. This isn´t dangerous, but it might become uncomfortable.
Some people might have dead skin that will peel off because it was damaged by the acidity of the sweat. This will then give way to new skin that is healthier and stronger.

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