Developed by a leading UK Podiatrist, our Limpeeze Medi-Pack has been carefully developed to aid in the relief of corns, hard skin, heel pain, blisters and toe pressure pain. All items have been packaged in a handy resealable pouch which has been designed to easily fit in your sports bag, handbag or car glove compartment.

The Podiatry Relief Pack contains 2 Toefoams for Rubbing & Toe Pressure, White Felt for Pressure Deflection, Pink Foam for Shock Absorption, Pink Felt (Thin) for Friction & Rubbing Areas, plus Hypoallergenic Adhesive Tape and 2 Sterile Adhesive Island Dressings.

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Created by a local podiatrist here in NI

Great handy pack to have in your pocket or bag when climbing, hiking or out for a run

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