Meglio Lacrosse Ball


Lacrosse Ball Trigger Point Massage. Plantar-Fasciitis And Deep Tissue Tension Relief

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Rock’n’roll your way to looser muscles and less tension with our small but super functional Lacrosse massage ball. Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you to sing unless letting go of all that pent up stress in your shoulders prompts you to bust out a ballad. You don’t even have to move much unless you want to do a happy dance on fresh feet after using the ball on your soles. All you have to do is identify the trigger points in your body that are most in need of a massage and roll this ball over these points.

Use it laying down or use it standing up against a wall on your shoulders, glutes, IT band, calves and underneath your foot. It’s a great release for anyone suffering from painful feet conditions such as plantar fasciitis as it’s small enough to really get into the grooves of your feet and drain away tension and swelling.

The ball’s small size also makes it easy to target specific areas in a more targeted way than foam rolling. And you get to decide how hard or how gently to roll depending on how much body weight you put on the ball. Your body, your choice. Have a ball!